The Pain of Mr. Nobody

Money gonna be tight.  I got to pay the Parking ticket thieves.  But I am in the Hilton compared to that poor dude that sits on the church steps, and sleeps in the bushes beside the steps.  For TWO YEARS he has lived on the front porch of the church at Gladstone and Independence Ave.  Sometimes, he sleeps in the doorways.  At least it is not raining tonight.  This is his 2nd anniversary!

Meanwhile Fred and Bambi are hanging in there.. GOD BLESS THEM.. and God Bless poor KC too.  Her Lupus hurts her.  I do not understand what that is,  but it is very painful.  KC ought to know about pain, she’s had shingles and everything else.  Fred slowed down after his legs swelled up.  Bambi’s cataracts are so bad she can barely see.

I take KC and get her a McDonalds.  My brother having trouble with his bowel, and I worry,  worry, worry.

When I see people sick, it torments me.

I turn many people away, fearful of being hurt by helping them.  Or just plain selfishness.  My arm killing me from my shoulder rebuild.  I am leery of strangers, lest they have the cops chasing them for dope.  Or they could be crooks.  Or they could have some disease.  Few people are aware of what even a small dope bust will do to your life.  Other countries,  such as Thailand have extreme punishments for the smallest amount.

Yep.  Punishing each other, that is our purpose on this earth.

I read about the NFL draft and am nauseated.  My cat can jump straight up several times it’s body length.  Can ANY NFL player do that?  The NFL reminds me of the movie “Zardoz” or maybe, “Rollerball”.   At least the NFL players get something for their lives.  Most people get NOTHING.   The athletes work hard, and endure much pain and punishment.  It is just not that interesting to me.  It don’t help me pay my bills!

Few people know about the brave lives of say, a garment worker in Bangladesh.  How about a truck driver, or a Church’s chicken worker?  Or a Sugar Cane worker in Nicaragua?  I am reminded of Pearl S. Buck’s stories when I chat with people around here.


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