Try Meditation

Today I listened to Kelly Howell’s meditations.  These are quite good, and far better than a bottle of booze or drugs, if you want a “altered state”.

Prayer,  especially praying for others,  makes you feel good.  The guided meditations are like children’s stories, like having a wonderful dream, and they are very pleasing and relaxing.

I like the guided meditations, and many people are producing and improving them.  I like the brainwave entrainment, along with the narration, and it soothes me right down.  Works better than any alcohol or drug.

For me, I have to use headphones with them.  I’ve tried them just on the computer speakers or stereo speakers.  It is not nearly as relaxing..and I do not seem to go into the “Alpha” state.  This is the state between sleep and normal awareness.  Eh- ‘normal’ anxiety!

There are waves of anxiety every day in this world.  The news brings reports of disaster, and there are disasters around here.


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