Dick Sutphen

Dick Sutphen’s “White Light Meditation” is the finest meditation audio that I know of.  All of the worry and fear of a day are soothed and washed away!  I do not even want to watch the news.

The news.. I study the Topical Bible.  Yep, I’d have to agree,  mankind is sinful.  It just increases my anxiety! It focuses on the imperfections of others, and the imperfection that I find in my self.

The meditations are the best.  They are better than booze, or any other “comfort” thing that I have yet discovered.  Better than taking a bath in essential oil.  Better than exercise.

I think Mr. Sutphen’s meditation is the finest.  I used it before surgeries at the V.A.  I use it before I get my blood drawn, which is often painful.

First the auto thieves nailed us..now, the Parking ticket lady comes to make us miserable!  The psyches of other people, and their problems, I find quite upsetting.  The constant competitiveness and the anxiety of the world is brought to us in the news.  It gets me upset.

After these listening to these meditations, I do not feel one complaint.

Anna Wise, Kelly Howell, and others also make fine meditations.  Paul McKenna’s are great, but they are hypnosis.  There are many more in this field.   Great stuff.


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