Eucalyptus Oil at the Mexican Grocer

I read that Eucalyptus Oil was good for asthma and other breathing problems.  This grocer across the street at Abarrotes Mi Familia carries a few OTC products that are widely used in Mexico, including the Eucalyptus oil.  It is a real bargain at $3.49 for a 2oz bottle.  Tried some of it out, in a pot of steaming water and in my bath.  It does work.  I dunno about the purity or other technical details.

They have sweet almond oil,  coconut oil, and a few other oils (but no tea tree or lavender oil).

The Mexicans seem to like Sulfa.  Many of their products are Sulfa based.  I like their Vitacilina, which is a NeoMycin ointment.  Works good.   It is not as good as the V.A. Medical center’s prescription antibiotic though.   I have big respect for Mexican Medicos after my visit to Los Algodones.


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