The BUG Epidemic

I am fighting Bed bugs and roaches.  It is going well, actually.  The owners of the building supplied us with Invict, a gel bait and insecticide.  Works good.  But you MUST keep clean!  Take away the food source.

Examining your mattress and box springs, and encasing them works well.  They are harder to eradicate than roaches.  I encased my mattresses, then ordered some stuff called Gentrol, and a Enzyme cleaner called Kleen Free.

The Gentrol interrupts the life cycle, makes the adults sterile.  Kleen Free is a contact cleaner.

Kleen Free also kills scabies, which I fear after the encounter with the Bed Bugs.  I always add Tea tree oil to my bath, but am doing it with extra zeal after encountering these critters.

Meanwhile.. the city is beating me up for my money!  It boils down to the MONEY.  That is all anyone wants.

Scabies are interesting, and alarming.  It is often missed by doctors, unless it is very obvious.  Many people are walking around with mites in their skin, and they don’t even know it.  One of my dogs died from mange as a child.  Mange is a form of scabies.

Update:  I talk to KC discussing the bedbugs.  She said that “Mom” who was this lady who took her in had the bedbugs crawling up the walls..and KC was their favorite meal.  EWW…  My fumigation is going well..and it has just started.


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