Hammer the Poor

That’s what this country is all about. Sly James, the present Mayor is just HAMMERING us with parking tickets. Three cars got ticketed for having “too much snow on them.” Parking is very competitive around here, with these apartment buildings, and people are always encroaching the signs.. $38 ticket.

When you get your car stolen..they HAMMER YOU some more! Charging $150 to get it out of the tow lot it is the biggest scam. .  The cops told me they’ve even caught people in the cars.. red handed..and still they got off.  BUT YOU AIN’T GETTING OUT OF THAT PARKING TICKET!

Who is the worst? The cops, or the crooks, that is the only question to debate.

People are sick, trying to get their health care.  The population is aged.  There aren’t a bunch of teenage kids running around anymore.

I think the USA ought to legalize all drugs, the way Portugal did in 2001.  That is not saying they are “good”… but Portugal’s drug use went DOWN after they legalized it.  See this Time Magazine article about it.   People seeking treatment doubled.  HIV infection declined after legalization.


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