There’s much to be Thankful for

Ah.. I got the mattress bags on my bed..duct taped.  I went to U Haul where they have cheap plastic bags for moving beds.  I got some of these cheap, $5 for two, and put the mattress and box springs in a bag.  Later, I am going to get two more..and double trap the bugs.

No more bugs bitin’ me last night!  Ahh it is like heaven.

At the V.A. I have the doctors look at me.  My favorite nurse Frances looks me over, and so does Dr. Kamath.  LUCKY to have doctors available!  These are hard working, dedicated people.  Frances is tireless.  I watch her answer question after question.. from people with every complaint under the sun!

LUCKY for the internet.  The internet is a boon..and it’s really grown up.

I was able to find my dentist, Fidel Valdez.  Every day I thank him and bless him for my teeth.   Y0u cannot understate the blessings these people bestow upon you!

I am a ignorant man, that is a fact.  Problems come up, and boy there is a ton of help on the internet.

No crooks around..and it is peaceful, for now.  Oh yes!


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