The Unseen world of Thugs

I went to Family Dollar to get materials for my war on the bedbugs.  I was down at the Family Dollar near Wilson Road.  As I was getting into the car,  two very young girls approached, and asked for a ride, saying they had been attacked.  The one girl was bloodied up.  Her “boyfriend” punched her out and stole her car.  These girls  probably just 16 years old or so.  They seemed O.K. so I put them in my car.

I said “let’s call the cops right now.”  They wanted to go to their dad’s house.  They said he would just get right back out and get revenge on them.

That’s how it is in this neighborhood.  The cops get called..SOMETIMES..but sometimes not.  People have little faith in them.   They have little faith in our judicial system.   These punks count on their ability to cow the local population, and their strategy is working.

I know one thug that just got a 120 day.  How I wish he would NEVER get out.  He likes to live off of these burnt out, cracked out, dying prostitutes around here.  Tamara Sparks, who wound up dead, is an example.  This whole ‘hood is that way.  Like CRABS in a Barrel.

The crooks will threaten with our WEENIE ROAST, 16th Judicial Circuit court, and they have a point.  They will threaten with ..”I’ll be right back out to get revenge.” In Jackson county, they don’t do diddily.  These punks will walk again and again.


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