The Brave Stories of People

Man who NEEDs the movies and TV?  There are enough problems right here, right now, as people have huge problems.  HUGE.  The present one is the Bedbug epidemic.  Rascally relatives, people don’t treat each other right.  Illness.. all sorts.  These apartments are just filled with heebie jeebies, many of them undiagnosed.

People get shingles.. bed bugs.. colds.. and sometimes serious illness.  Bambi comes up and does my dishes.  She has huge medical problems.  I’ll see other girls.  People with drug problems, which lead to brushes with the Law.   Cigarettes, boozing.  Lack of money.  Lack of faith.

My sister is recuperating slowly from her pancreatic surgery.  Dear Lord. I pray for others constantly as I see the shit that afflicts them.  There are behavioral problems.  Fights over  Accidents.  The world does not move right on time, but from one sticky situation to the next.  WHEW!


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