Bugscuffle, USA

The bedbugs are back, unfortunately.   Something was bitin’ me..and I finally figured out what it was.  I dust the place down with diatomaceous earth (DE)..and the landlord sprays some stuff.  At least this landlord TRIES to help out with these bug infested places.  A lot of them do not give a damn at all.  They don’t give a damn if they are selling crack out of here, there were fights in here, and other sorts of mischief.

The landlords do not have a lot to choose from.  The tenants will rip out the copper from the plumbing to sell it at the scrap yard.  Some are ex felons, and a large percentage use drugs.

I found out some good news about the transmission on the Ford F150.  I think it just needs a shift kit, thanks to the Ford F150 forums online.  ANYTHING bursts the bubble of the poor, and they are always getting their bubble burst.


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