Lo Tech Inner CIty

I talk to a guy who installs used transmissions.  He has a small house over by the Van Brunt Police station.  Got to get that old Ford runnin’.  He don’t have email, and most of the people, the vast majority of people around here have computers, but do not understand how to use them.

That guy didn’t.  Or else I would email him right now.  I much prefer email, ‘cos you can send photos.. send links, about the subject in question.

Anyways, few people use them.  They can’t figure them out, and won’t take the time to figure them out.

MONEY is the only thing that talks in the inner city.   You see and hear the worst from people all the time.

We’re arguing now over how to deal with that old truck.  I want to just have a used transmisson put in.  My brother is saying..”no it is something simple.”

This is not the case.  There’s something broken in the trans.   The local shops are not very helpful.  The big chains I do not like.  They are like the American Dentists.. a “MONEY” thing.  You better have $1,000 in your pocket or they won’t even talk to you.  I liked that old boy that just puts in used transmissions and clutches.  I admire a skilled mechanic, a gear head, I really do.

People will fight at the drop of a hat around here..I mean really fight.  There are many people with warrants lurking around.. how I love it when they are FINALLY served.  They love to haggle more over who did what, than anything.  They love to sort out who is about what, more than anything.

People would rather fight, than have sex.  One of my favorite quotes:

“Only the dead have seen an end to war.”- Plato



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