You Can’t be no Bag o’ Potatoes

You can’t be no bag o’ potatoes in life- or you will get mashed.  A original quote from me.  Spending all night trying to figure out how to fix my truck’s transmission for a reasonable cost.  Could be fixable, but I doubt it.  Spent all night reading the Ford Forums about it, which are actually very good..the people very helpful.

Like a cowboy in the old west..  YOU JUST LOST YOUR HORSE!

You got to PAY attention as in $PAY$ attention, and for the poor it is 10000X worse.  Tom Brady,  Arnold Schwarzenegger or any of the HANDFUL of people who are always in the “news” never had to do this shit.

I am still mourning my truck.

It was an old truck, a good old 89 Ford F150, thought that thing was gonna outlive ME.  There’s $700 we can’t afford.. RIGHT THERE!  Frantically,  I look at YouTube, and all the online pages I can about this particular transmission.

I get all mad at him, but boy.. I have done the same type of things. *groann*.  So don’t be no bag o’ potatoes!


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