The Online Dream World and the REAL World

Few people in these apartments can use a computer like I can.  Many people with college degrees who “dropped out” and became crack heads can’t use a computer worth a lick.  It is NOT a NinTendo.. it is NOT a TVeee.

Kansas City’s “Most Wanted” list is a bunch o’ punks who didn’t show up for court.  It does not touch at ALL on the massive amount of drugs, for instance, that are circulating in the community every single day.  This is not only in the inner city, but in the suburbs too.  I am talking about crack, methamphetamine, and other drugs that people brew up in the kitchen sink.  Why do people want them?  I think it is just because they are illegal.

People in this building get computers, but they don’t know what the fuck to do with them.  They get on Yahoo mail, or that Lamer Facebook.  Facebook is for lamers that don’t know how to use a computer.

Meanwhile, God decides to dump a foot of snow on us.  “Men argue, but nature acts.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.  We are not statistics, but natural things like trees.  People try to build themselves into mighty fortresses, but they can be gone.. like nothing.. in one second.

The basic things are still the most important.  Food.  Cleanliness. Transport.  Warmth.  Medicine.   We turn on the TVee and get hypnotized by bullshit.

The asteroid that hit Russia,  the snowfall..and the beautiful sunshine.. the calls of the birds, they show us who is REALLY in charge.

People frighten me.  Their coarseness and tastelessness seem to be amplified by technology.  War is still popular, despite nuclear weapons, not to mention nasty and lethal conventional weapons.  Stones and clubs, and around here, those box cutter knives, are quite popular.   Just because the Monkey has a computer now, does not make him special in the world.   Still, the computer and internet are great things.  I am learning a lot about cooking online.


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