The Poor keep Working, Despite Injuries

Most people keep working and working, despite being sick or injured.  I know I did.  I told the doctors, “Man I cannot AFFORD to be sick.”  My brother just tried to get to work today.. jacked up my pickup truck, which he is buying from me after thieves jacked up his Dakota.  The Dakota was so damaged we sold it for scrap.

There was a big snow here.  Buses were stuck, semi trucks jackknifed.  My brother only works about a mile from here, in the city, but the roads are messed up.  He had to get pulled out twice, and ran the truck up on a fuel island covered by snow.  Must have bent the linkage on the old Ford F150.  Eh well, probably a easy fix.

His back, his lower back is severely injured in the vertebrae, but it is a very dangerous surgery.  He don’t think about nothin’ but his grandkids, got to have that MONEY.  The IRS hammers his paycheck, too.  It’s called FUCK THE POOR.

He keeps working and working.  He sort of drags his leg, there is no feeling in it, and also no feeling in his bowel.  So every once in a while, he poops his pants.

I keep trying to get him to just throw in the towel, before he hurts himself worse!  He was in the hospital for a week last month.. has a cyst on his liver.

That is the way I did.  My hernia was hard and swollen, like I had a baseball above my navel.  I threw in the towel at my job I got so sick.  I did not know WHAT was going to happen!  It kept getting worse and worse.. so finally I had the surgery.  Then my arm I lost mobility in it.  It hurt all the time..then.. I could barely move it at ALL.  A the V.A. my physical therapist said that shoulder had about everything done to it that they possibly could.  It was not just “rotator cuff” it was the whole shoulder!  I was in surgery for 8 hours.

I remember at the AT&T calling center, they would not let you off for NOTHIN’.  Not a family funeral.  Not jury duty.  Not if you had to appear in court.  Not NOTHIN’.  People would be sick at work, they’d puke in the trash cans.

The people in Northeast, around here, are pretty much in the same boat.  Dave’s wife went into a diabetic coma last month.  HUGE disasters happen to people.  Is there anything about it in the paper?  FUCK NO.  My boss said just “put a bandage around my stomach” when I had my hernia.  The thing was blocking my bowel and I was getting sick all the time.. couldn’t pass waste.  THEY DIDNT GIVE A DAMN AT AVERITT where I worked.  They DIDNT CARE AT ALL.  They just sent a shyster to beat me out of my Workmen’s Comp, which they did.

There are many, MANY such stories like this around here, and the world over.  FEW are the people that actually get to enjoy life.. to be all they can be.


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