Healing Herbs

I am using Miller’s Equine Wound Salve on some problem areas right now.  Dunno if it is fungus,  dermatitis, what.  The V.A. looked at the Dermatoligist said “I don’t know what that is.”  It’s got probably Tea Tree oil in it, it uses essential Oils.

I found this link.. Pubmed  to look up the effectiveness of certain herbs, such as Arnica.  The Arnica, it’s pretty good.  What this site does is show the results of different studies, it’s a large government database.  The Miller’s Salve seems to work better than the salves that the V.A. gave me.  They gave me Ketoconazole creme, which does work, but it is not as effective as the Miller’s.

Tonight I was looking over the experiments using Manuka Oil (a more powerful Tea Tree oil.)  It was found to be very effective.  So is Tea Tree oil and it is not as expensive as Manuka.

I want to try the Comfrey and Calendula cremes, which you can buy off of Ebay.    Maybe some Arnica salve also.

Update:  The Tea tree oil seems most effective when I use it for Oral Hygiene.  The salves are comforting, but do not completely fix the rash.  Simple salt water is good to use for oral rinse.


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