Everyone’s got Drama- But how Sweet it is!

The spring comes around..and how sweet it is!  The world is overflowing with life, goodies, and gadgets to pass the time with.  Got the email, the V.A. doctors, and YouTube.  A great cup of coffee and some ham salad.

Even in the Inner city.. how SWEET IT IS!  These poor ladies around here, if you get ill they baby you and take care of you.  Many people (except dope heads and drunks) are grateful for the favors that are done for them.  Oranges are cheap right now, and you can afford to eat good.

You cannot be human and avoid drama, it seems like, so why not be grateful for the things you find pleasing?  There are a ton of things that I like.  My cup runneth over.  There are thousands of pleasures.


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