Ground Ham

I always buy those holiday hams, after the holiday.
I’ll cut them up and freeze them.  Well, ham gets kind of boring after a while..a ham  The holiday ham makes a large amount of ham.  I can’t pass it over though, because it is so cheap.  However, I always end up throwing much of it away.

Two days ago I was grinding some up to make ham salad, which my company doesn’t like.  As I was processing the ham, grinding it up on the coarse chop, I gave it a taste.  Pretty GOOD!  I guess chopping it up releases the juice, mixes up the fat in it, or whatever.  For whatever reason, that tasted good.  It was a smoked shank ham.  This is REAL ham, not the processed kind you get as lunch ham.

So I divided it up, making one plain ham, and one ham salad,  and put about 8 oz each in bowls.  Then, into the refrigerator.

Today, I made a grilled cheese.  I decided to try the ham, just a hint of it, between two slices of American cheese.  Sprinkled some on there, just a hint..I was not in a “ham” mood.   I used maybe 2 tablespoons of the ground up ham.  I grilled it on the Foreman, using a sparing layer of Margerine on both the inner, and outer slices of the bread.

Boy it came out GREAT!  I used high quality bread, Roma Vienna Slice, my favorite brand of bread.   What a great sandwich, at a cheap price.

Both the food processor, and the Foreman grill are Salvation Army specials.   Cost me next to nothing.


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