The House o’ Cards of People

People are always coming unraveled around here.  Their world falls in,  over and over.  Faux “News” ain’t here, nor is there a brass band.  Fred gets out of the hospital- he had congestive heart failure.  Bambi has already had that once, along  with dialysis, went into a coma, and numerous surgeries.  Fred tried to call me from the hospital, but the minutes went out on his phone.

I run the wheels off of my car running people around, but they need the help.  They have to go to the hospital,  the lawyer, and the bus system is not for SQUAT in the USA.. at least in this city.  The routes are far flung, and not practical for many trips,  such as from here to the hospital.  It will take you forever.

Dave downstairs needs to go to the hospital to check on his wife, who has been at Truman since 10 AM trying to get a prescription filled.  She can’t walk, has a mouth full of rotted teeth.  The poor, in general, just let their teeth rot clean out.    She has a cane because her leg got all shattered.   It is now 19:00 and they are still down there.

Am I Mr. Helpful?  Hardly.  When people want me to run them around I think about the Insurance payments due on the car.   My sister’s illness, and my brother, who was in the hospital a week ago.  I get testy and annoyed.

In short, Northeast is a bunch o’ bums, but the stuff they need, it’s many times life and death.   If people in the USA rode bicycles, they would be better off.  In Northeast this is feasible.  I am fixing up a bike now with those spiffy bike lights you can get cheap from Ebay.   A bicyclist has to be careful in Northeast.  People are also accustomed to the comforts of a car..but they are expensive, sometimes.

The people who DO walk, and use the bus, are often the weakest and most vulnerable people.  Some people cannot even afford the bus.  They live hand to mouth, like KC and the people downstairs.   That is what the USA is like.   When people get down, they start to get crapped on even MORE!

Their world is always falling in, and I mean REALLY falling in.

I keep comparing THIS world to the TVee world.  I keep comparing the money people make around here, to the paycheck of the “celebrities” the TVeee keeps cramming down our throat.


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