Like Carnivale

Carnivale, the HBO series,  that’s what it’s like.  The lady down the hall comes down, soliciting for money.  This really surprised me, as she is one of the most upright people in the building..that is filled with the people that are on the edge.

People are funny.  They do not seem.. logical.  They have different drives, and different ideas about themselves.  NFL players come from long lines of NFL players.  Junkies, come from parents who were junkies.  Many people I meet have a parent that suicided.

These are kind of like.. the “what about us? people.”  These people with checkered lives are often more interesting than watching Football, and most certainly baseball or golf.

There are many catastrophes that happen to people, like foreclosure and illness, that get not a word in the papers.  Even murder.   The TVee world goes on without skipping a beat.

People seek me out, needing food or a ride somewhere, or MONEY.. don’t even mention that.

Some, like Allan the guy with Cerebral Palsy, are so badly knackered that they can’t work.. along with other complications.  Poor Allan was the most pitiful case of negligence that I know of.

I am like on a island now.  Listening to Steve Roach, one of my favorite musicians.  I love this “new age” genre of music.


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