The “Flu”

My brother had this for the past couple of days, and oh Lord it made him sick.  Today, me and KC picked him up a bed frame and box spring.  He had been on the floor like a abused child, on just the mattress for weeks!  His back is bad, something about the lower vertebrae, and he has problems anyways.  So we get him a nice new bed setup.

He had fever..the type of fever that makes your thoughts disjointed.  He couldn’t get up off the floor, so I had to pull him, and is all sweaty.  WHEW!

He kept saying he “had the flu” and these other wags and home doctor geniuses are saying they had the “bug” that was going around.  A fever can mean several different things.

It made a world of difference for him.  But that’s how people are around here!  He works..but the IRS is on his ass, and the state of Missouri for taxes.  He makes just fair, and work his tail off for it.  So he wanted to save money by not getting a bed!

The poor around here.. mostly treat one another like shit.  Most visitors to my place routinely raid my refrigerator,  cigarettes, etc.  Many people around here wear the same clothes for days.

The flu he has, some sort of respiratory stuff, was just awful.  I tried to find his complicated book from work that shows what doctors he can go to.  He is moaning, “no don’t take me to the hospital.”  (it costs too much)

The IRS just hammers the poor.  The usual violation? Non filing of taxes.

Update: IT was NOT the FLU.  It was a bacterial infection.  Could be from the wheelchair patients, could be from anything.  People in the USA, and in this world, go for weeks without taking care of themselves.  Only MONEY is important.  It took one other person to convince him to go to the hospital..and he could barely walk.   All because of the bullshit “work ethic” that he has.  WORK UNTIL YOU DROP IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!  No one from work is going to come around.  Not his boss, not anyone.  I’ve seen it happen a hundred times.


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