Bob Dylan- Revisited

I am gonna make some Bob Dylan airbrushed T shirts.  Bob Dylan has a voice like a screech owl, and he couldn’t play the guitar worth a shit..but he wrote and performed the greatest songs of this era.

I had gotten tired of listening to him for a long time.  The kid was great, no question about it.  What floors me that he never seems to have noticed his lack of musical skills, or a great voice.  The kid just thought he could do it, and by golly he did.  His songs blow away most of his peers, and are still great today.  Mostly about this world, than moaning about his girlfriend.

“Desolation Row” reminds me of Northeast, if nothing but the title applies.  Many of the people in this building do not have their gas on, it’s too expensive.  They use space heaters and crock pots.  They are junkies, crazies, maniacs, and everything in between.


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