Northeast is not bad, when it’s peaceful

When it is peaceful,  NorthEast is not bad at all.  I like the many grocers that are very close on Independence Avenue.  There is a good Chinese grocery at River Quay,  and good Mexican grocers.  It is not bad, when it is peaceful.

However, you cannot be complacent.  I watch my cars all night.  There are people shivering out in the cold.  People go to the car washes, and park their cars in the stalls, and they are out there shivering.  People are in bad shape out there.  The people must be conserving fuel on their car, it could be they are living in their cars.

This place is like the Taj Mahal compared to some of the Apartment buildings, especially the converted houses.  THESE ought to be on the news.  along with Traveler’s Inn.  The owners of this building really try to keep the place up.

The Auto thefts a few weeks back really worry me.  Losing your car is a devastating blow to many people.

Compared to many people in this world,  I got it made in the shade.


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