The Violence of the USA

Fred goes to the rap for cutting Ron.  What a twisted turn of events.  BUT… Ron DID decide to punch on Fred.  Fred is old, has severe Type I diabetes, Fibromyalgia,  COPD, and other conditions.

Fred: “I am too old to get beat on like that.”   He has a point.  He had a box cutter in his pocket, many people in the ‘hood carry these.  I wish I had got it on camera.  DAMN!

Meanwhile, Ron is walking around homeless with his stuff in a bag.  I cannot help sympathizing with Ron.   The fool.  That is why I do not drink that nasty juice.  He is staggering around, with his stuff in a bag, because he is paralyzed on one side.  He couldn’t even get to the hearing, so he has charges against him for failure to appear.  Plus he was on probation so he will get back to the prison.  This dude does not seem the criminal type, but a goof who loses his temper.

It is hard to say what is the worst!  Alcohol,  cigarettes, or that nasty shit people smoke and inject around here.  It is crazy.

I started speaking to Fred and Bambi today.  Bambi- I love that woman.  She is one sweet woman.  I didn’t know what to think of Fred.  Ron I do not know much about..but I did not want him to get his throat cut holy toledo!  People are crazy.  Worldwide, they are crazy.

I was ready to hang Fred, and wouldn’t speak to him.  I don’t want nothin’ to do with no throat cuttin’ dude.  The outcome of this still does not set very well with me.  Ron’s stupid action had quite a consequence.

We found out it was ANOTHER dude that was stealing things around here..everyone blamed it on Fred.  The other dude was ripping off other apartmenta.  So perhaps I am too hasty.   Around here, it’s hard to say who is what.  It keeps changing.

It’s like this continuous mystery..then the plot keeps changing!  It is Friday, and T Bones are on sale at my favorite SAV A I get a couple for me and my brother for $3.99 a pound.  Very tasty stuff.


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