Kontos Pizza Crusts from Sav A Lot

Sav A Lot sells the Kontos brand pizza crusts, which are located in the doughnut, roll, and muffin section of their store.  These are 7″ or so pizza crusts, 5 of them for $1.99.  Tried them the other day,  and my verdict is quite tasty!

They cook up in about 7.5 minutes at 425F.  Basically, you make your own pizza to YOUR specifications.  (It says 5 min on the package, but I like mine crispy.)

The cheese and the sauce make the pizza.  I am using a fancy brand of Pizza Sauce right now,  Dei Fratelli, but am looking to make my own.  There is not too much price difference between all the brands of Pizza Sauce..they are about $1.25,  give or take a few cents.

Do NOT use the shredded cheese at Sav A Lot.  Best Choice shredded pizza mix is my preferred one,  but maybe Kraft is a little better.  Best Choice uses cheddar cheese, and the mozzarella is not as stretchy and gooey.    The SAV A LOT brand was a little yukky.

I put mine on the rack, bare, and cook for 7 min, 30 seconds.  Crust comes out very crispy..the cheese melts well.. and you are in business.. with a cheap meal.

You can experiment with the available sauces in the store.  I am going to try Chef Boy Ar Dee next.  One can goes a LONG way.

This is a cheap, and very pleasant meal.

Update:  I made a pizza using Contadina brand squeeze bottle pizza sauce, and Best Choice Pizza cheese.  Didn’t taste it myself, but the Best Choice has less Mozarella than the Kraft.   Maybe, it would be better to come up with your own mix of cheeses, or to expand on one of these Pizza Mixes.

Update: Now using the Contadina brand, and Kraft with Best Choice mixed in slightly.  Made one with Pepperoni, Tomato, and Olive.  These little pizzas are very good!  Very EASY to make, as easy as a sandwich, and cook very fast.   I use “thin crust” mode, which is just baking it on the oven rack.


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