Exhaustion of the Poor

I am thinking of yesterday, when KC and Mom were loading the groceries into my pickup.  The poor walk for miles a day.. I mean MILES to just get the simple things, such as toilet paper.  Many of them look very old, but their age in years?  They are in their 40’s,  50’s.  Chrissy still has all her teeth..but Mom is losing hers.  They are black with decay on the lower part.

Mom is on social security, and needs it.  Her mentality is like 6th grade.  Or perhaps she is just addled, from being around pimps, prostitutes, and crack addicts that used her house for a haven.  Roach infested?  The Traveler’s Inn has nothin’, and I mean NOTHIN’ on the places she has lived in.

Fred and Bambi both have the severe Type I diabetes.  They also have tremendous psychological issues.

None of this is addressed.  Instead the congress is worried about their money.. and how the ultra rich might lose some.   What a SHIT game the world is!  You cannot win.. it’s rigged like a casino.

It is an exhausting fight to get improvements.  Heh..such as a place to take a crap!  People use the showers in public places, such as the truck stop..or even a gas station to try to keep clean.


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