Ever Vigilant in this Nasty Hood

I keep my cams out front, focused on my cars, and stay up until 0400.  It seems extreme, but if you have ever been violated, had your stuff ripped off, and watch what those cops do (NOTHING)…then you will know.

It’s like you ate these poison berries, and got very sick, but you always remember it.  I would not even raise a child in the United States.   I guess that is why Americans do not believe in big families.  Heh..they believe in MONEY and who cares how they get it.

I worked hard for the kit that I have got, now I am disabled pretty much, I worked hard for it, and I do not appreciate people stealing it.  I do not appreciate the KCPD,  who ain’t exactly Scotland Yard.  More like a bunch of Inspector Lestrades.   If you get your apartment burglarized, they simply ask if you have apartment insurance.  If you say no, then they look at you funny.  Unless the cops have their NOSE rubbed in it..a video tape..with 12 witnesses…they will do NOTHING.

Even if they catch the suspect, it is hard telling if they will get a conviction, and you will never get your gear back.   If you do, it will likely be ruined.

Every once in a while, the armed robberies will happen.  These are very scary.  A pistol tap on the window as you start the car.  The robbers often shoot.  They WILL shoot, at least from the experiences I have seen around here.


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