The Sub Poor

Today I am getting my old Ford F150 ready for winter.  Eh, all it needs is a flat fixed, plus put some anti freeze in it, power steering fluid.  It dont use no oil.  This is the one to get if you are poor.  The A/C works on it.  EVERYTHING works on it.. it’s 1989 and runs regular as rain.

On the way,  KC and “Mom” flag me down as they are struggling with one of those carts with groceries.   They had boxes of vegetables and many bags of groceries.  They had gone up to Eleos Coffee house and stocked up on the veggies they put out.  Stuff that is marginal, but still good they give to the homeless.  They had really loaded up.  They were taking to their house, man a MILE away!

Mom who is 43, and looks like 70,  is going to see her husband in the nursing home.  She was gonna take the bus, sheesh, it would have taken her 3 hours because no bus runs a straightforward route.  Her apt was at about 6th and Benton.. the nursing home at 26th and Walrond.  Not very far, if you have a car.

The poor have a LOT of problems with transport.  Everything takes them more time.. I mean EVERYTHING.  Just getting groceries is very time consuming for them.  Mom is mentally challenged…and her apartment is filthy.  She cannot fill out forms, etc, to deal with the agencies.  Actually, it is HARD to keep it straight with them.   They love to cut into the checks of the poor and aged,  who don’t even know what hit them.

KC got some money from her sister, but it went on her utility bills.  Chris has Lupus,  and her hands are cramped and painful.  I dunno what Lupus is, actually.  Something like arthritis.

It is surprising how the money goes right through your hands.  They are thrilled to see me, and loaded the stuff up in my pickup.  Mom very grateful that I just gave her a lift to the old folks home.

These poor people, the sub poor, often are the victims of crimes, sometimes heinous and violent ones.


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