Jackson County Penalizes the VICTIM

That is what it is like in the USA.  Old Fred gonna WALK after he stabs a unarmed man in the throat.  Compare that to what happens elsewhere.  The guy who got stabbed, was on parole, but he did not mess with anyone, at least not as much as Fred did.

Another thing, I have mentioned many times before, is the way you are treated when your car gets stolen.  Want the police report?  It will cost you $10.  If they find your car, and tow it, the meter starts ticking at about $150 a day, sometimes more than the car is worth.

Yuri Ives killer received a sentence where he can be out in 8 years.  I suppose Mr. Ives “did something wrong.”   That is the mentality.   The stabbing did not even get into the newspapers.  I can hardly believe it.  The “News” seems rather selective about what it prints, what is “newsworthy” this day.

I am looking over other countries to retire to.  This one does not seem so great.  The “model judicial system” gyrates wildly.  Cops are extremely varied in the way they respond to calls.   The way they write reports.

Independence, Missouri is one of the biggest pieces of shit in the state, at least the West side of it is.  A bunch of meth heads, meatballs, and rednecks.  Fuckin’ dangerous, and no fun at all.   Every once in a while something happens, like a triple homicide over drugs.  Then something gets into the papers.  Other than that, the only thing that gets into the paper is the “Queen City of the Trails”.. “Sante Caligon” and other bullshit.


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