Jackson County’s “Slap on the Wrist”

Why is there so much crime in Northeast, and in Kansas City?  It’s the court system..the “Slap on the Wrist” club.  The Jackson County Prosecutor,   Jean Peters Baker  , SUCKS and should be replaced.

What am I? I’m a democrat, but enough is enough.  There are people, I know them here, most of whose adult life has been crime.  They get caught- once in a blue moon.  BUT..they NEVER go to jail.  Nothin’ ever happens to them, and from DAY 1 when they get out of the prison system, it’s back to the old drugs, prostitution, etc.

Auto theft is incredibly hard to get a conviction and prison time on.  That is why it’s a favorite sport around here.  Except to the workin’ slob who now has to take the bus to work,  that is.

My brother’s truck they attempted to steal last night,  fucking up his ignition.  See he WORKED for that thing, he did not steal it!  The guy that cut my neighbor Ron’s throat last Monday WALKED THE NEXT DAY..  it was “self defense” how I wish my cams were recording that night!

They jimmied the front door of this apartment building two nights ago.  I even emailed the landlord last night about it.   The Landlord won’t do squat..he don’t care.  I wonder how long it will take Ron to recover?  The Landlord at 531 Gladstone is not even planning to evict the guy that cut Ron’s throat.

Man, enough is enough.  I cannot believe the things people will do to one another.

Update: The guy that cut Ron’s throat is gonna walk on self defense charges.  This is typical of the mealy mouth Jackson County.  What a country! So ashamed to have served it.   Ron, the guy who is now paralyzed, AND is going to get in trouble.

I did a lot of things, but serving in the military to defend this SHIT..was the most shameful act of my life.  To defend WHAT?  To protect WHO?


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