Get your throat Cut in Northeast

Here is the video of this event.  I wake up at 18:00.  Look at my security Cam and these cops and firemen are carting a man off in the stretcher.  As luck would have it, my cheapo VCR security deck wasn’t recording!  #$*@#!

The gist of the event is it was a altercation over this guy’s damn dogs barking.  His dogs ARE a pain in the ass for an apartment building.

However, there is more to it than this.  The guy that stabbed the victim was a drug addict, petty thief here in Northeast.  There are many such people here.  NONE OF THEM EVER GOT CAUGHT.  When they do get caught, they always get out of it.  Another Northeast “Robin Hood”.

My wager is the guy will get off.  Meanwhile, the guy that got cut will suffer severe consequences, requiring LONG medical care.  That guy had a heart attack only a month earlier.  If he even makes it.  My wager: he will not.

I have seen this happen before.  A woman got her throat cut with a box cutter knife, and the dude got off.  It was a cut from the bottom of her ear to the base of her neck.  He was in jail for a couple months- that’s it.

The guy that did the stabbing, has been the subject of numerous complaints over the past year, and the landlord will do NOTHING about it.  These landlords don’t do shit.   They don’t care.  Just hose the blood out, and rent it again.  JACKSON COUNTY is set up this way.


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