Like Monkeys

Bambi comes up to help me with my laundry.  :My shoulder is still stiff and very weak, I don’t suppose it will ever be normal.  She goes down to do the Laundry.. puts the quarters in, then notices that someone unplugged the damn dryer and plugged an extension cord in!  The cord leads up to the 3rd floor where the idiots got their electricity shut off!

These Landlords can’t, or WON’T SHIT about the crime problem in Northeast.. and neither do the cops.

It’s called the Kansas City, MO CRIME TAX.  Crime pays in Kansas City, every day of the week.  Next door on the end, that guy renovates a apartment for people released from prison after their SLAP ON THE FUCKIN’ Wrist.  After observing most of these local drug addicts, they only get caught for ONE out of scores of crimes.  Buying and selling dope, and petty theft, are the “in betweens”.   These activities, and prostitution.

One gal got 17 years for reaching in and grabbing a McDonald’s till.  When ordinary citizens get their property ripped off, the cops do not DO SHIT.;. the judicial system does not DO SHIT.  They will stall the 16th Circuit court for MONTHS and YEARS.  I have talked to the perps before.. “I do not consider myself a criminal.”  Oh NoooOOOoo.  Local dope slingers do not consider themselves criminals…oh noo.  They are “Robin Hoods”.

You got to sleep with ONE EYE open here, and in the West side of Independence.  After my experience in the small Mexican border town, to get my teeth fixed.  It is more peaceful, BETTER down there!  People are more helpful, and more honest. Try sending someone on a errand around here, to get some milk, and just SEE if you will get your change back.

Every day in the USA is a day of inherent, embedded dishonesty.  That’s capitalism for you.  “If I can screw you over, and you are dumb enough, why that’s free enterprise my friend.”  Ought to be printed on the US dollar.

It’s not only the drugs and crime on the street, it’s scams from phone companies.. spam in your mailbox.. or getting your credit card hacked.  The bankers just shrug their shoulders.. you have to watch your stuff like a HAWK in the USA..and be ever vigilant.  Even my personal banker at the bank got her credit card hacked!  They will take your money, they will take your life.  All of your life in the USA you are on the defensive..DEFEND YOUR SELF!

They found the car, and caught the punks that ripped off that lady’s car.  Usually- they NEVER find them.  She was a nice woman.  BUT they were out in a day.. and it is gonna be continuance, continuance, continuance in this case.. until it goes to trial 2 years from now.


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