Another Auto Theft Heartbreak

Crooks rip off the woman next door’s 1996 Oldsmobile.  The damn power went out, so my video deck was not recording oh blast.  I know what this is like.. to experience this.  It’s like they stole a cowboy’s horse!  Now she has to take the bus to work, and she had many of her belongings in there.

This is the second incident on this section of this street, in the past couple of weeks.  One lady had a alarm on her car, so the creeps tore up all her car in a fit of anger over it.

Crime in these areas is damn near continuous.  Down the street in one of the fine old stone houses, a burglary happens.  A guy is renovating the house.

This car was not particularly nice.  It was a old Oldsmobile.  It was pretty beat up, but it was all that poor woman had!  I went to the small town in Mexico, I swear,  I felt safer there!  This place has scores of punks trying to prove something, by inflicting pain on someone else.

I want to split all right.  Split to another country.  There must be someplace that is peaceful in this world.  Of all the countries I visited, the biggest ass holes were in America.  They are ruthless in the work place.  Ruthless on the street.

When your car gets ripped off here, the cops MIGHT find it.  MIGHT.  Basically- they can’t find their own ass!  So anyways- maybe they DO find it.  What then?  It goes to an impound lot.  YOU must pay, and it is well over $100 a day to get it out!  YOU are victimized- for being a victim!  To boot, you have to pay them for the damn police report.


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