The Dentistas of Los Algodones

My teeth WERE very bad.. until a few weeks ago.  I saved up my money. I had SS disability after my last two surgeries, my shoulder is still very weak.  I had two rotator cuff tears, a bunch of other stuff rebuilt.  They said they did everything they possibly could to my shoulder.  It lasted 8 hours  As far as driving a truck- those days are over.  It took me a LONG time to get disability.  Everyone thinks they just HAND it to you in a INSTANT.  That is far from the truth.

SO.. I took some money, to have my teeth fixed.  I did not think they COULD be fixed.  Driving OTR all the time for years- there was no time.  When I DID have time, I had no insurance.  The American dentists at the V.A. wanted $450 for ONE extraction.  I paid $200 for a Exam and a Panoramic Xray at Joy Miller’s office.  Her verdict- I had some teeth that could be saved, but would take partials to the tune of $7500.  The Dental College is FULL up.  Samuel Rodgers wanted to pull them..just started yanking.  I am so glad I didn’t listen.  If you did not have money,   American dentists just don’t want to mess with you. It’s “yank em all, and glue in dentures”.

Here is a Video that shows the before, and after results of the work they did.  I paid $3,045 plus Air fare, plus Hotel.  I went to Los Algodones, Mexico after sending photos of my teeth and the Xrays world wide.  They did a full mouth restore- NO partials.  NO Dentures!  I am thrilled.  I am so happy with Fidel.  I had MANY doubts about it, even when I was about to get into that dental chair and begin.

For a American or Canadian- look no further than Los Algodones.  I recommend my Dentista Fidel Valdez, who has 18 years experience.  He still has modern stuff- like Panoramic Xray.  I also like Tracy Dental down there.  The biggest dental clinic is SANI, but there are over 300 dentists.  Alamo Dental had a very good reputation down there.

My recommendation is to just book some time at Hacienda Hotel,  but ENOUGH time, say 2 weeks.  Then, shop around. You can have a exam and treatment plan, with Xray 100 times if you want to!  They also have fancy Catscan machines for your jaw and sinus cavity.   They have local labs there, and make crowns, implants, bridges, dentures and partials very quickly.

In that town, it is a Patient’s market.  You will be pursued to get the work done,  it is extremely competitive! Not like in the USA, where they will “see you in a month.”   They will see you and give you a exam.   Right NOW, right there, with NO hassle, and NO fees!  If there are fees, they are usually very small.  A panoramic Xray for say, $15.

Los Algodones Mexico is nothing BUT dentists.  The dental, and optical industry is by far the major industry of this town.  Everyone there talks Dentistry,  all of the locals know what is going on.  You get good advice with them.  This tiny town sees thousands and thousands of dental patients each year.   It is very small, only 4,000 people, and the touristas are well protected.  No one jacks with them.  Everyone was very polite and helpful.  I got Fidel Valdez from some locals who recommended him.  I knew nothing about a “good” or a “bad” dentist!  It was the same way back in the USA.  I got recommendations from dentists all right- but I did not like what they recommended.

One of my costly mistakes was just buying a ONE WAY ticket.  I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get my dental work fitted properly.  If I were to do it again, I would book a ROUND TRIP, two weeks apart.  Food and lodging are very reasonable in Los Algodones.  You do not need a car.  The whole town is only a few blocks.  There are pharmacies, taxis, restaurants (very cheap), and a couple of hotels.  HACIENDA Hotel, is like a bed and breakfast.  I paid $30 per night.

REMEMBER: everything in Mexico is negotiable.  They treated you like a king, and are well used to the needs of Dental Touristas.  There were people from Canada, Russia, Germany, and the USA there. Everyone is in the same boat- namely, getting their teeth fixed.

Soon, I will post some videos of the little restaurants, etc.  There is not much to tell.  The town is a comfortable little place.  Lots of great Local food.  In a way, I did not want to leave they were so good to me!

There is a herbal store there, but my advice is to bring your own favorite essential oils.  The little herbal store has tea tree oil, but I could not find Peppermint Oil I liked.  Neem Oil, I did not ask.

The Mexican dentists were very conservative about prescriptions , and this surprised me.  They will NOT (or cannot) subscribe OxyCodone or other heavy duty pain killers.  He gave me Loxoprophen for inflammatory/pain and Eritromicin for infection because I am allergic to Penicillin.  Fidel was very cautious with the drugs he gave me, and forbade me to buy any more after I had finished off the first dose!  I had some Vicodin from the USA dentists, about 7 so I used those during times I had pain.  He was very cautious and I told him all the drugs I was taking, just as you are supposed to do.  No booze.

In the USA, the work I had done was far above my means.  I estimate it at about $20,000, at the least.

My advice is again, shop around for a day.  Allow enough time for the work to heal a little bit.  Do not rush, and make sure there is no infection.  Make sure your dental work fits well.  Most Dentists there offer free replacement, they warranty their work, and they are sincere.  Reputation is EVERYTHING to the Dentistas!



  1. Hi dweddle,
    I am looking for an implant specialist. My question is do you still feel the same way now as Oct last year? And btw, how is your dental work? Thanks in advance.


  2. One BIG mistake I made was not booking the Airline 2 ways. Plus my credit card got hacked on the day I was supposed to leave! You give the airlines cash and they charge you an extra $25! The airfare back cost me a ton. I only paid $235 for the trip down there. AND.. give yourself a wide cushion of time. The Hacienda is hands down the best Hotel deal down there.. in Los Algodones, or in Yuma. They well understand what is going on.. what the procedures are like, and what your needs are. They were just great. I even dreamed about them the other night.


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