A big Fight Upstairs

A big ghetto fight upstairs…and I am FED UP.   It is time to move.  It is a constant fight, constant ghetto games that really do fit the stereotype of the inner city.  I liked it here ‘cos it was close to things, close to the V.A. hospital, with lots of stores in easy reach, but the danger is not worth it.

The crazy guy is out there on the steps of the church.  I do not know how long it has been.  Since last winter,  now summer is coming to a close, and he is STILL out there on the steps of the church.   Why doesn’t HE get out of there? With WHAT?  The man does not have one penny.  He does not even have a blanket to put over himself, I do not think.

Meanwhile.. it’s the same old.. same old.. the strange world of the NFL, commercials,  shows like “American Idol” which just make me want to puke.  It’s so phoney, hyped up and silly.  There are a lot of hot musicians,  who do not “make the grade”,  I guess.  Who decides what the “grade” is?  Annheiser Busch?  Coors?  Coors decided that Whats his face was the “hottest” country star.  I’d rather listen to cats fight outside than that silly corn pone.

People act..like they are SAFE or something.  It’s all “normal”.   In ONE SECOND we can be nothing..our life in ruins.

“As soon as there is life, there is danger.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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