The Afflicted

People are gettin’ ate up around here.  There are bedbugs in this apartment building, and I am thinking of splitting..just leaving it all behind.  KC comes over, calls me up.. like I am the professor on Gilligan’s Island.  Sheesh.  She has mites in her new crib.. and boy she is just ATE UP.  Nasty rash, red bumps all over her.  I took a little video of the back of her poor neck.  I mean such HUMILITY .. the humiliating world of the unfortunates.

I gave her some garlic to eat, some benadryl, and some soothing cream..and some Diatomaceous Earth .

Man.. the landlord sprays.. I got boric acid all over the place, but it seems like.. NOTHIN’.. NOTHin’ will kill them things!

She can sprinkle this on the apartment floor and her clothing.  The news never show THESE people.  Not at all.  I think the world is just bull shit.. the news, and everything we see, or rather, get crammed down our throat.  As in WHO is important, and WHO deserves our sympathy!

Mr. Joe Average gets the living shit kicked out of him, and there is not one peep on the “news”.  Anyways, I give her some food and what medicine I have, so she don’t have to go out and “work” tonight.

The poor live lives of systematic degradation.  They are pushed to the side again and again.

You have to PAY ATTENTION in the USA.  Life is not.. “automatic”.  So much gets swept under the rug,  and the system is geared toward denying people their rights.

A couple apartments got their electric shut off- this is ALWAYS happening.. and they are living off of a extension cord that goes to the outlets in the hallways.  It’s like a pot of water just waiting to boil over, and it often does.

It’s the same the world over, I guess.  The “news” just makes me want to retch as I watch the same mediocre people in the spotlight again and again.

Do I think Miley Cyrus is pretty? NO.  Talented NO.  Or  Seal, or Heidi Klum, or the “beautiful” Taylor Swift.   It’s like this hypnosis machine, as to WHO is important.. WHO deserves sympathy.  I look at my Google “News” and it’s like there is only a handful of people living in this world.


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