Eleos Coffee House

I went down there today and had a coffee, and some biscuits and gravy.  The one-half order was $2.50 and quite tasty- much better than Fast Food chain biscuits and gravy.   Tasty biscuits and good tasting gravy.  I had a “Eleos” grind coffee for $1.75 for 16 oz, very good.  It comes to 2 regular cups of coffee, which is about all my nervous system can handle!  Muy bien!  The biscuits taste home made, they are like KFC’s biscuits.  The lady cooks ’em up right in front of you, toasts them.

This little cafe has a good web page..here.

It’s pretty tasty stuff, and right across from it is a good Mexican restaurant with a very good Guatemalan cook.   They are calling it “Fleur De Chiapas” now.  I like the $1 tacos after 5 PM and LOVE his refried beans.  Refritos.  They are hot, runny, and tasty.  His chicken Pollo Asado is very good too.  I always get the “medio” 1/2 chicken with rice and beans y tortillas for $8 or so.   I do NOT like his salsa, and use my own La Costena green salsa- but I don’t like most restaurant’s salsa.  This restaurant is actually cheap, but it’s authentico.

The cops were down there on horseback.  It must be fun, but the horses..well, this ain’t the open range.  The street they are on (Indiana and Independence AVE),  is one of the most narly streets.  There is still some prostytutin’ action, but it has died down quite a bit.

I do not mind the working girls so much, but the supporting action I do not like.  Drug dealers- that is, and that nasty product.  It causes incredible problems in the ‘hood.  Poor people can not AFFORD that stuff, and it just wrecks their lives.  It’s like a cult thing.  A cult of..”let’s poison and degrade one another.”   It reminds me of the gambling boat. Why everyone wins zillions at the gambling boat!  That’s why the owners can afford Las Vegas shows,  cheap buffets, and a electricity bill the size of Manhattan just to light the place up.” 

Boy, that little breakfast was tasty.  I am still licking my chops.  Yummy!


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