The Illness of Americans

Many people I talk to are ill..with very large problems.  It seems like we should do better.  My neighbors are diabetic type 1.  People injure themselves often.  It seem like people should do better in the USA. The FDA watches over drugs.  The USDA watches over our milk and stuff.  Our water is treated. 

People are always getting nailed, and the USA is a lot cleaner than many countries.  Poor India always comes to mind.  We have ‘projects’ but they are not nearly as bad as some projects in the world.

Just took Bambi to Truman Medical center– her sister had congestive heart failure, she’s on a tube..she’s in her early fifties.  Everyone around me seems to have some illness or the other.  People seem unhealthy in the U.S.A. in general.  They sure are not sick enough to stop arguing though!

Bambi and Fred just had their electric shut off, and they are using one of the common outlets in the hallway, got a extension out there.  People in this building do this all the time.  Sometimes, a neighbor will let them use their electricty, running a extension to the next apartment.

Me? I’m too fat and need exercise.   I am grunting and groaning trying to get my shoulder back in shape.  That is ONE THING the prostitutes, thugs, homeless get..and that is EXERCISE.  KC must walk miles every day.


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