The Heat Wave and the Poor

People, local girls come to my house, they just want to get in my A/C.. they just want out of the heat.  That poor dude out on the front of the church steps is even quiet, conserving his energy.  He WAS cursing randomly, and frisking up and down in front of the steps, flailing and kicking at his unseen enemies.

How hot is 105F?  Let me tell you- it is HOT.  You car keys will be too hot to touch after a few minutes in the car.  The metal is too hot to touch.  It is like a oven when you get into the car.  You’ll be drenched in sweat after a few minutes.

Lots of girls are out as I go to the Apple Market.. I imagine what it would be like to be with them.. eh.. sweaty!  Then they could rob you.  I NEVER let anyone in my house, due to the way the police handle things.  If you let someone in your crib, and they rip you off.. the Police will do NOTHING.  They like, sneer at you because it is YOUR fault.

I never knew this.  You could go into someone’s house, and just take whatever you want, and then walk out.. and the cops will not do a THING about it.

Screaming matches are starting outside.  The couple upstairs got into a fight, and the woman walked out with a bunch of stuff.. dunno what the story is there, and I do not WANT to know what it is!

When these locals fight.. they will also drive recklessly and scream and curse..then hit the gas and split out of there.  They do not care if they hit someone.  They do not care about anything.   They are living out their fantasy, which they got from the TV or something.  I hate video that glorifies people who live violent lives.


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