Mobile Mechanics

I have used Mobile Mechanics with success in the past few months.  I used Dean (816) 389 7258 on my Ford F150 1989.  Starter motor.  He knows this truck, and popped it right in there!  He was out here VERY quickly.  It was a cheap price, $50 to put it in, and reasonable on the starter.  Dean is out in Blue Springs..couldn’t get a hold of him Saturday.   I am gonna use another guy, Chris,  tomorrow..and will put him in here if it is success.  You find these guys on Craigs List.

They will quote you a price, very quickly.  Some of them, such as Chris, will even get you used parts at the Pick N Pull (U Wrench It) or other salvage yard.

Getting your car into a shop is a pain in the ass.  Sometimes they are booked two weeks straight, and they will NOT come to YOU.  Boy my hat is OFF to these dudes- they work their tails off.   I hope this deal will go through.. I need a master cylinder, and a Blower motor on the Ford F150.  I WAS looking through Craig’s list for a car..but most of what I looked at had worse problems than the old Truck has.

Besides.. my shoulder is killing me.. it is still weak..and I have health problems big time.

OFTEN.. it is CHEAPER .. to KEEP HER…cheaper to keep your old car.  That spendthrift urge is always upon us.


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