An Interesting Place, is NorthEast

My brother goes to work, and drives past the new Drug Rehab center around 11th and Paseo.  He tells me that one woman comes out and pulls her breasts out of her shirt and starts juggling them, leering at passersby.   One guy who is crazy is always out there shadow boxing.  Still another has a cheap rap setup, with everyone booing him.

Across the street right now, one poor fellow whose home is the church steps, is “going off”.  He will start yelling and screaming and cussing, at no one in particular.   Then he runs up and down in about a 20 yard stretch, leaping and punching at imaginary foes.  It is hot out, extremely hot, 104 degrees.  He always sits out there with no shirt on, and his socks.

I go to the store and the cops have one black male on the curb, looks like one of those nigerians.  One Nigerian dude is always drunker than a skunk, and I mean REEKING of alcohol.  Old Udo was like that.  Drunk?  He could drink diesel fuel and it wouldn’t faze him.  Kissy Chris is still around, still hanging.  I dare not help people around here.. you will get your hand bit off, or some of their troubles (which can be major), will rub off on you.


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