People are like Monkeys

“I want attention- so I’ll shoot everybody.”  That dickhead in Colorado is not the only one doing this shit.  Happened down at Town Topic last night, a place where I have enjoyed  many a burger.   Five people shot because of these dick heads.  Lots of people carry guns around here.   You know what this is gonna do?  MORE people are gonna start packing them!  There are lots of firearms accidents also.   What a nice place to live the USA is!

Just avoid the causes of fights!  Drugs, drunks, relatives, and money.  Who ever said the USA was happy family?  People are UN HAPPY here, very unhappy.  It seems like, the most unhappy in the world.

I go out and get a burger- and do not hang around.  I just go to the grocery store any more- and never eat at even a burger joint.

All over Kansas City there are a large number of people killed and wounded with guns.  Shauntay Henderson is believed to have shot 50 people, for example.  Some of them she killed.  Then she got out after only THREE YEARS in prison.  They got her on yet another weapons charge, THANK GOD..and she is back in prison.  It boggles your mind how unprotected we are.  EH–that is why people want guns I guess!


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