American Dental Care- Thumbs Down

I bought a cheap USB 200x Microscope for $26.  I made  slide shows with this microscope,  and have been sending them around all over the world to dental clinics.

The Foreign dentists, in Argentina, Thailand, Mexico, and Ecuador have been far more responsive, far less “gimme money” than American dentists!  In fact, if the price were MORE..(and I had the money).. I would go over there to get my dental work done!

They are being extremely patient and kind and answering all my questions.  Asking questions of their own- and not a LICK o’ money has changed hands!  They act like..(and I know this sounds fantastic).. like they give a damn whether I get a decent outcome, at a price I can afford!

The dentists in the States, and particularly, at Samuel L. Rogers will answer NO questions.. will not talk to me.. will not even look at my teeth at ALL..much less take the time to look at the magnified visuals I sent them!  Samuel L. Rogers is NOT free.. the dental college is NOT free.  The college has over a year long wait.

People think you can get something FREE at the county hospitals.  I went to the E.R. at the county hospital one time.  They were the very WORST creditor I ever had!  Worse than Dog the bounty hunter or the repo man.

Not only is Health care in the USA by far the most expensive, it SUCKS compared to many countries.   The doctors and patients spend so much time wrangling with insurance companies- now they are gonna be wrangling with whatever bureaucracy is going to be created.   I have had satisfactory treatments, but with these dentists.. it has been driving me nuts.


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