Accidents do Happen

People are NOT brilliant, but full of foible and superstition.  “That’s the way my daddy always did it!” (then the fuckin’ car fell on him.).  I wake up groaning, my shoulder feels like plastic and sore…my tooth hurts.  Like a time bomb that tooth is.  The dentists are driving me crazy.  I can never figure out if they just want to take all my money, or want to help me.  Some of the dentists, the ones at Samuel L. Rogers, will not hardly talk to you.  It’s like “Take it or leave it buster”.

I have a flat out front of the building, with no spare.  Thank the Lord for that helpful Ted, he comes by and gets me, we get a cheap floor jack and a have a used tire mounted on my spare rim.

THEN… it’s how to get the truck jacked up!  WHERE is the LIFT point on a 1989 Ford F150?  We have to try a half dozen times getting it up in the air.  Using stones, 2 x 4, and concrete block.   The cheap jack won’t lift it high enough.  We are cursing wondering how high do we gotta LIFT that thing!  It is hot as blazes, and we are sweating like pigs.  My injured shoulder does not have very much power.  I cannot push myself up from the ground yet, it is still healing and stiff.  The solution of course, is to get a Farm or High Lift jack.  But they are pricey, and no one sells them around here!  We pull it over into a concrete driveway of a unoccupied building..and get it done.. but it was Rube Goldberg all the way.  You can get KILLED fooling around!  My cousin’s husband got killed while cleaning his riding lawn mower!

The way they make stuff…it’s so damn complicated! You have to have manuals, or the internet, just to do the simplest task.

Despite “Hi Tech this, and Hi Tech That”.. many tasks in the world are just plain CRUDE.  A BIG F*KIN HAMMER is indispensable.  “Let’s put this here rock under it.”

Dave Singleton is home by a MIRACLE.  I mean it is a MIRACLE genuine!  We all liked Dave, who was always getting duped by these ..these hussies around here.  Now, some of the nicer women are taking care of him, well I hope they are.  These chicks around here like to “take care” of your wallet.  They “took care” of my laptop, my cell phone, and my camera!

Dave Singleton had a cage put around his cracked vertebrae about 4 days ago.  He is 75 years old..75 or 73.   I cannot believe he is walking around.  I checked in on him, the nurse here caring for him.  He is kind of hobbling around, but he is weak, his voice croaking.  HOLY COW!

Dave got hurt when he had to move his semi truck over for a car he thought was gonna hit him.  He hit a curb, and put the truck in the ditch.. bounced up and hit the roof.. and hurt his back.

Dave Hart downstairs got bruised up badly, his whole right pectoral muscle is bruised like the dickens.  He fell down while putting some stuff in the dumpster.

This heat, up to 105 is killing people.  My brother drives wheelchair people to dialysis.  His cheapass employer won’t fix the A/C on the mini bus he drives.  I worry like crazy about him ‘cos he don’t drink enough water.   He hardly EVER drinks water.  There is his health, and his poor passengers who are wheelchair patients in bad shape.   Most of Norman’s passengers are dialysis patients, who are barely alive.   Norman said that many of them are drooling and lolling around in the heat.  Yesterday he had a bus with A/C thank GOD! He’s had them so bad he was afraid to transport them, afraid they would not make it from point A to point B.


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