The USA’s Dental Care- $$$$$$$$

I have a bad tooth, actually a couple of them.  When I was running the road, I had insurance, but not now.  I need a extraction,  I thought this was gonna be about $50.  Heh.. TRY ABOUT $450!

Now I am studying where I might go to have my teeth fixed.  The dental college here locally is taking no more patients.  I went to a dental clinic for the poor, Samuel L. Rogers.  They charged me $45 for a bite X ray.  They didn’t even LOOK at my teeth, did not exam them.  So they make an appointment.. 3 WEEKS DOWN THE ROAD.  It’s like a horror movie, but at least, I haven’t gotten murdered or mugged.  

People are ALWAYS up a creek here.  Poor Bambi’s teeth need to be surgically extracted- when she can afford to get them done, that is!  Her grand nephew just got killed out in Grandview, MO in a drive by.  They buried him last week.

The USA has got issues.. no WAY I am going to vote for the Republicans.  What is this place gonna turn into, “New Paraguay?”


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