My Little Cousin, Noah Davis, is with the Angels

My little cousin, age 6 departs this world.  He drowned in a apartment complex swimming pool, in a freak accident.  Eh.. terrible!  Of all my little 2nd cousins and nieces and nephews, I had considered him the safest and most well off.  They tried and tried to pull him through, but the damage had been done.

I feel sorry for his parents and grandparents.  It is horrible when the children die.

While we are planning, thinking, speculating and evaluating.  LIFE ACTUALLY HAPPENS.  It can all end at any time.

I feel like I ought to write more, but I am in shock.  There isn’t much to say, but a lot to feel.. what a punch in the gut.  I do not know what to say to his poor parents and his grandfather.  It is AWFUL!

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