This Day, July 2012

Yet another family setback, a tragedy as my 2nd Cousin, age 7, drowns in a apartment swimming pool.  Acts of God, that could have happened anywhere.  I am reeling from this event, and my poor Uncle Dan, whose wife recently died from cancer.. has such a load on his shoulders.

I am looking now for a dentist, and considering going to Mexico or another country, even Thailand because of the costs.  Even with a plane ticket factored in, it might be much cheaper to go abroad to have it done.

That is the thing about the USA.. the health care system, and has been a problem for years and years.  Obama’s plan might not be perfect, but it is a step forward, even a halting step.

The USA’s policiticans freak me out.  The deficit is caused by the interest on enormous borrowing, and the cost of the war.  A submachine gun (a grease gun) cost $15 in World War II, now they cost $300.  That isn’t so bad I guess, but there is the cost of fuel and other exotic weapons.  It would seem like resolving things peaceably would be much cheaper.

For whatever the reason, I wish health care was cheaper.  It seems the biggest issue with the people I know, the people in my life.

Recent months have been frightening..with accident, and major illness seen in my family, and the people I know and deal with.



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