Expat Exchange “Dream Vs Reality” Reports

This is a good tool.  It is at Expat exchange.  It is a “dream vs reality” report. I am continually sifting through Expat blogs and forums, to try to get the skinny on living abroad.  As I stated in other posts,  the USA stacks up well with many places on this earth…BUT.. in our complicated society it has lost that small town “together” feel.. like in say, the World War II era.  There are troubles, illnesses, and accidents.. fights..the people fight among themselves, over just about anything.

Still.. I am curious…I read through the posts and Mexico is popular with American tourists, and flat out Expats.  They love it down there!  They are staying in parts of Mexico far from the recent troubles with gangs.

The reason why I think of travel.. I guess the excitement and adventure aspect of it.  I was in the USN but got to see the world in a very limited fashion..just on shore leave.. but it was quite exciting.  Went to Southeast Asia.. it was exciting and fun.

A place where my dollar would stretch, and I could have fun.

There is violence and danger right here, right now in the USA.   A policeman shot a man over at 23rd and Benton Blvd.   (Again that ’20’s block).  Another got in trouble by some sort of hanky panky with some prostitutes.  I do not blame the cops..whatever.  They see so much vice, what the hey.. it is normal.  In most of the the Americas, including Canada, prostitution is not a crime.  Actually certain vices have been going on since the beginning of history.

As I read these reports, I am particularly curious about Mexico.  Most expats give Mexico a very good report.  There is crime here, right in the USA.  You can be in deep shit in Mexico in one heartbeat, but boy, you can do the same thing right here in the USA.. every day it happens!


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