Taco Express- Bennington & Independence Ave.

I gave this little place a try- what a pleasant surprise. The only thing I have had is their very authentic tacos, at 99 cents each right now. They are very good! They use the “double” tortilla shell. They are the soft tacos, with cilantro, onion, and lime. I do not like onion so I just order them “sin cebolla”. I had expected the American “Taco Bell” style crispy tacos.  These were the Mexican style authentic tacos like you will find in Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana.

Much better than Fleur de Chiapas, which was my other stompin’ ground.  Taco Express,  is a nice little hole in the wall.   Man their green salsa is HOT.  Made my nose run and eyes water, so I asked for some mild salsa.  They whipped up a special batch right on the spot for me, very nice of them.  The meat is marinated and savory,  I really enjoyed them.

Once in a while, they make Chile Relleno.  This is NOT on the menu, and I can’t wait to try a plate.

This place is a very good deal.  The Carne asada meat was very fresh,  the price was low.  This is now my #1 Mexican place in Northeast.


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