Could You Retire Overseas and Enjoy it?

I watch YouTube about this all the time.  I just saw some very negative reviews of Costa Rica on YouTube.  “Costa Rica Untold Facts“.   As a matter of fact, it’s the kind of stuff I don’t like about the U.S.A.  I do not want to live in a place where burglar bars are standard on EVERY house.

The thing that attracts me is the more relaxed attitudes in other countries, and the things that are available there.  Cheap domestic help, low rent, low cost health care.  BUT..petty crime is endemic to Latin America, according to many Expats.  We have that here.  I can also get low cost help in exchange for favors here.  People value respect for the property of others, at least, some people do around here.   There is a lot of crime in the U.S.A., but there seems to be way more in certain countries.

Things happen around here.. they are close, but not on this street, not anymore hopefully.   Thailand might be nice.  Lots of great beaches… great food that is cheap.

Maybe the U.S.A. is pretty good, after all.  I think the expats are kind of crazy.  Many are Ron Paul supporters, but some countries exemplify his philosophy as I understand it.  Heh- every man for himself.

I do not want to “escape” Obama.  On the contrary,  I’ll vote for him again.  I think the republicans are full of shit.

The U.S.A. has a lot to offer.  For one thing, you are not eligible for Medicare overseas.   For another thing, it is the country I was born in, and we all served in the military for.   The USA has drinkable water, and a host of other standards for food and drugs.  The roads are good, and kept in good repair.  The judicial system seems better here than in other countries.. with the exception of maybe the U.K.   The cops are well armed, well funded, and do not seem as corrupt as in many countries.   There does not seem a double standard here for foreign visitors either.  In Thailand owning property is tricky, for instance.    It gets kind of boring, but it still has lots to offer.  Maybe “boring” is kind of nice!  At least, in the USA, a person has redress for grievances, although it is prejudiced toward the wealthy, and vested interests.

Health Care- I have gotten very good health care from the V.A. medical center, and it was very inexpensive.  Truman Medical center treats the poor around here that are not Veterans.  In Thailand, if you have a Tourist Visa, health care is very costly.  If you do not have the money, you are not seen at all, it is that simple.   The Affordable Health Care Act needs to be adjusted..but it is a step in the right direction.

The USA People.  Ah here’s the rub.  If you don’t get on their good side..people can be nuts..and I mean homicidal.  It is happening MUCH more frequently than I remember as a child.  There are all sorts of thick attitudes.  Sue happy, and crazy.  Watch out if you get married here!  It seems like ALL people DO is fight.  There is high crime, but lately, it has slackened in this area…(now watch me jinx myself.)  There are many factions.  The “Ron Paul” faction (the drug dealers and users)..ethnic and gender based factions.  The “sadist” faction rears it’s head once in a while.  You cannot get too friendly.  Society is rather splintered.

Other countries might be the short term.  There are many benefits that people ignore.  We are kind of..little brats in this country.



  1. i am an expat living in thailand for over 15 years. thailand is a beautiful place, beautiful mountains, beautiful jungles, beautiful people but if you’ve seen the movie “hangover 2” it is basically telling you not to get too intoxicated here.

    i dont only mean with alcohol but with the overall lifestyle. thailand is intoxicating and from what ive learnt form forums here by bangkok lawyers, many expats dont know when to call it quits. they refuse to get a job or straighten out. expats who got too overwhelmed with the paradise lifestyle here refuse to get a job or straighten out until they ran out of money. eventually they turn to booze or drugs to cloud out the reality which only accelerates the downfall. some turn to crime and some even become homeless and lost thier sanity.


  2. thanks for the comment! I am studying like crazy now (on the net)..watching YouTube..going on the forums. The U.S.A. is not “perfect”..but it has a lot of good I study, I become more aware. Drugs, drunkeness are a downfall everywhere, and so are accidents. There seems a lot of danger in many countries. In Latin America they have Chagas disease, for example. I’m always looking at the “price” side of things. The USA has many hidden perks, such as good water. I love the videos of Thailand’s islands and beaches. But what if you get sick over there, I mean REALLY sick?


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