Family Dollar- Northeast’s “Prison Commissary”

I have traded at Family Dollar at least twice a week for over 8 years.  NO MORE. There are other, better alternatives.  I would go to Family Dollar for Milk, and Coke especially.  Not any more.  I know all the employees by their face, the manager, and the ladies that work there.

Now they have these thugs that eye everyone suspiciously in the store.  I walk around in my V.A. surgical pajamas.  They are easy to slip on because my shoulder is still healing from extensive surgery.  I carry a little cloth tote bag round which has my phone, PSP player, keys, documents, and wallet, along with whatever I have in there at the time.

The new employees they have in there, they must have got out of the prison program, that is how suspicious, cold blooded, and rude they are.  They would not even let me explain about my bag, just demanded that I give it to them.  I do not trust these dudes from Adam.  One big fat biker type guy had tatoos all over his arm.  The new guy acts like he is in the Mexican Zetas.  FUCK NO I am not going to trust them with my valuables.

They would not even let me explain.  I have spent a good deal of money in that place, but no more.  I hate that corporate coldness.  If you go to a store, talk to the clerks,  you expect “some” sort of friendliness..but I guess not.   You could trade at a store for years, then get blown away by some rent-a-cop that they just hired!

That is what the USA is like these days.  Sometimes the robbers shoot the store clerks, but sometimes, the security guards shoot the customers, and many times  it has been some phantom “threat to the guard’s life”.   This happened down at 7-11 when a guy supposedly pulled a knife on the guard.  I talked to the female clerk who worked there,  and she said the security guard did not have to shoot the guy at all.  It should never have happened.

That is what is so dangerous about the inner city.  Sometimes, it is crooks, but other times,  the ‘straights’ are not so honest either.. they are even murderous.


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